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PhenQ Best Diet Pills That Work Fast

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Many of the people searching for an effective fat burner solution on the Internet ask this question, and the answer to it is simply Yes, PhenQ does work! Since its release in 2015, PhenQ has shown an average weight loss effectiveness of 3 to 5 lbs per week!

PhenQ is often confused with the now banned phentermine fat burner diet pills. Contrary to phentermine, PhenQ is 100% legal weight loss product available without a prescription!

PhenQ incorporates everything that made phentermine so effective without the negative side effects associated with the original diet pill.

Although the effectiveness of PhenQ at GNC has been backed by many weight loss success stories since its release, a simple statement that PhenQ works is obviously not enough to help a customer in making a well-informed decision about this product, so let’s have look at…

How Does PhenQ Actually Work

The main benefits from using PhenQ include improved fat burning rates, conversion of body fats into energy, stimulation of muscle tissue (prevention of muscle loss while on a diet), and decreasing the body’s ability to store fat.

PhenQ, among its other features facilitating weight loss, is also a powerful appetite suppressant. Once you start taking it, it will effectively reduce your hunger cravings and make you eat less. The recommended intake for PhenQ is one tablet 20 minutes before your first meal of the day and another 20 minutes before you next large meal. In order to get the best results from using this product, you are also advised to drink only clean, pure water (one glass each hour during the day).

Common questions asked by those interested in trying PhenQ include: “How fast does PhenQ work?” or “Does PhenQ work without exercise?”. The only honest answer to these questions is that it depends on a person, because the average value of 3 to 5 lbs per week comes from cases with better and worse results.

It has been proven that in order to get the best results the use of Phentermine should be coupled with a well balanced healthy diet, and PhenQ is one of the few dietary weight loss supplements available on the market that comes with a detailed diet plan!

PhenQ Weight Loss Plan

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PhenQ comes with a detailed, meal by meal, weight loss programme covering the period of one month. The weight loss programme allows customers to find out exactly which type of diet would suit them best. Depending on the type of lifestyle led available diet plans to include female non-active, female active, male nonactive, and male active.

A bonus PhenQ diet plan for vegetarians is also available and all these weight loss programmes allow for picking the starting weight in order to precisely adjust the size of each meal. Additionally, all the weight loss plans released in 2011 can be downloaded for free at the official website.

Once you pick the profile that best reflects your circumstances, PhenQ diet plan for your chosen profile also takes into account different weight ranges allowing you to adjust the amount of food intake to the weight with which you’re starting your Phentermine diet.

Does PhenQ Work Without Exercise?

Due to its appetite suppression and fat burning functions, PhenQ can be effective without exercising, however, in order to get the best (advertised) results and lose as much weight as possible, it is recommended that the Phentermine weight loss programme should be coupled with a workout routine.

The official website has a section with aerobic, cardio, free weight, and yoga exercise guides. These exercises do not require visits to a gym and in most cases can be done without any specialized equipment – the most important thing here is consistency.

When it comes to possible side effects from combining weight loss products with exercise, the most common usually involves an elevated heartbeat. PhenQ diet pill was designed to emulate the weight loss effect of the now banned phentermine 37.5. Although all the ingredients used in PhenQ are natural and safe, it still contains caffeine known for elevating both blood pressure and heart rate.